The Rife Digital Professional has transformed the lives of more than 20 thousand people across the planet using the built in Dr Rife Treatment Protocol

This Professional Rife Machine V3 produces multiple frequency bandwidths, 20 Default Program Groups, Super Sweep, Convergence Sweep and Exceeds all expectations in power output and amperage for the healing processes of the most serious diseases.

Rife digital machine

Returns and Shipping Policy
12 Months manufacturing Warranty applies to all Rife Digital Machines. If they
have a manufacturing fault.
Our Service centre is in London.

Wholesale and Re-seller Discounts apply to bulk purchases of Rife Digital.
Please contact Customer Service at the comments button above for a quote. Rife Digital sell Rife Digital Machine’s world-wide. The usual time for delivery is
2-7 days plus or minus. Payment can be made by Credit Card, or use the PAYPAL members payment facility. PayPal now accepts all Credit Cards if you require an express checkout.

Please contact our UK office for the Returns address (rare) but this needs to be mentioned. There is a different address if a machine needs to be returned.

HOW TO SEND GOODS BACK: (This is extremely rare, but we need to have the returns policy listed). Please contact the UK office to find out how to send the goods back. We will not be responsible if the machine is not sent back correctly.

This is what you need to know if you want to return goods to us: Within 7 days: By law, customers within the European Union also have the right to withdraw from the purchase of unused, unsealed items within seven working days of the day of the date the item is delivered. We are NOT legally obliged to return outgoing shipping costs or for the customer’s cost for shipping goods back to our warehouse.

Items sent within the UK:

Even after 7 days, we allow unused returns, sent within 2 weeks of delivery. NB: The items must not be used at all.We accept all returns if the item has a manufacturing issue within 7 x working days


If we do accept a return for a used Order: Only, With special discretion:

A 10% value of the order is taken off the payment amount, if it has been used as the item would be second hand.
In addition: All the administration/processing fees will be charged due to costs, and the payment of our distributors who charge us for each shipment and re-stock. And testing.

This is not intended for profit but to cover our shipping & processing and administration costs, and the payment of our distributors who are an external company who charge us for each shipment and re-stock/testing/ administration fees for testing equipment.

Occasionally we have had customers spending a large amount of time consulting with us, at our discretion, we might take off a fee due to all the time spent. Depending on how much time we have spent with the customer, we reserve the right to take into account a consultation charge in the issuing of any refund.

If we have agreed to a return after the item is used (only at our discretion) the item must be sent back Tracked and Signed for. If this is not done and the machine is lost we will not refund and be responsible for the machine.

The same standard applies to items that are not used.

We do not accept to refund any used items.

All used accessories and even unused items that are packed together with unused items will not be refunded, as we cannot do anything with used items. For hygiene/ health and safety reasons we cannot ever sell those items on to other customers and in addition because of the new issues with Covid.

No used accessories/equipment must be sent back for health and safety/hygiene reasons.

The cost for shipping is non refundable.

If you return a product and you do not send the goods recorded / trackable, we will not be held liable or issue refunds for goods which we have not received. You must include a note with your name and post code written clearly with the package, or the original invoice.

POSTAGE OPTIONS: Delayed Delivery Outside the UK please check your Tracking number. Then contact the local courier shipping office.

The same applies to UK deliveries.

If there is an issue, please contact the UK office as well.

Someone has to be available to sign for the goods. If nobody is in, they should leave a note, but the fact is that they sometimes fail to do so, so it is always worth checking with your delivery office. If this happens we respectfully ask you to arrange re-delivery as these goods are not lost. If you have not received your goods after 1 x week (outside the UK) and within 1 day within the UK, please contact us, and we will investigate.

How to Plug In and Set Up Rife Digital Professional V3

Setting Up

Your Machine

Use the Mode Functions, Group Functions, Sweep Function

Mode Functions


How to Program the V3, Plus using the advanced Carrier Wave features


and Carrier Wave

The Rife Digital Professional V3







* LIST OF FACTORY PROGRAMS:1. Arthritis, Rheumatism2. Asthma, Allergies3. STD (Sexually Transmitted D)4. Hepatitis A, B, C5. Dental, Oral Health6. Cancer, General7. Metastasis (Cancer)8. Dr Rife's M.O.R. (Cancer)9. Alzheimers, Dementia10. Bacterial Infections11. Virus ComprehensiveCOVID 19 FrequenciesALL COVID list in ETDFL12. Hypertension (HBP)13. Heart Disease, COPD14. Diabetes 1, 2 + Onset15. Dr Hulda Clark Parasite16. Breast Cancer17. Brain Diseases18. Molds, Fungal19. Pain, General20. Stress Disorders21. Dr Rife Injury Set22. Dr Rife Eye Set23. Dr Rife Anti Aging Set24. Dr Rife Beam Ray25-30. User Groups